WebbyApp is the exciting new WordPress plugin that can take any website and convert it into an app for IOS or Android.

WebbyApp Converts Websites into Apps

Now I know that this is a big call, claiming that you can make a website into an app, but that is exactly what this incredible plugin does!

WebbyAppInstead of paying thousands of dollars to an app designer, you can pay a few bucks and have your very own app!  It looks professional, clean and you can control the makeup of the app, giving your customers a relevant app whether they have an iPhone, Android phone or a tablet.

Then you upload it to your store and your app becomes available around the world! You look like you’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on design.

And once it is up there, every time you change your website, the app automatically changes to reflect it!  So you can change content, design, and graphics at will, without having to redesign the app itself.  I personally have designed an app and have discovered how amazingly easy the design work is.

So if you want to look like a million dollars without spending a million dollars, this is one website plugin you simply must have!