What Got Me Into Affiliate Marketing?

I have been in business most of my adult life, but sometimes things do not work out for the best.  I discovered that when I lost everything and then some in the Global Financial Crisis, which fast became a family financial crisis as we lost all our investments, including seven properties, and found ourselves nearly $1,000,000 in debt over the space of a few months.

And all this happened through listening to the advice of financial experts.  I decided that, rather than cry, go bankrupt and walk away, I would fight my way back, and ignore the so-called experts from now on!

The Big Fightback Gets Nasty

So I thought selling products on the internet might be worth a look.  I went to several seminars in my hometown in Queensland, Australia, and decided to put the required $10,000 on credit card and go for it.

You probably know the story, right!  I got ripped off, and over the next year or two I ran up another $80,000 in what everybody promised would be the way to earn money on the internet.  You guessed it… none of it worked (I think the gurus made money, but nobody else I know did, and I just lost more and more).

Time to Do It the Right Way with Affiliate Marketing

Honestly, I have got so sick of shelling out thousands of dollars, I decided to check out a way I could at least start selling small amounts of product and build things from there.

Enter affiliate marketing!

Since I took the plunge and invested a tiny amount of money, I have been able to sell thousands of dollars of products I have not even designed or built myself.  After all the time and especially money wasted, I now see a healthy and ongoing income stream via affiliate marketing.

I’m guessing that you are reading this because your situation is somewhat similar.  That’s why I have set up a totally free affiliate marketing course for you because I know what it is like to be ripped off by every Tom, Dick and Guru out there!

So I want to give you this information for free.  And what do I ask in return?  Simply this… let me share with you products I believe will help you in your endeavors.  I’m doing just fine financially now, so let me tell you how I am doing this and help in any way I can… for free!


Meet Darin…

I am a real person.  I am also a busy and a passionate person.  I have a profession, and I am still a practicing Optometrist with a thriving practice in my home area on the Sunshine Coast.

But my real passion is caring for people.  In addition to my Optometric work, I am also the senior pastor of a growing church, IGNITE CHRISTIAN CHURCH.  This soaks up a lot of time, so I need a nice little flow of income that I can earn from while I am sleeping, or caring for my church folk.

And that’s where affiliate marketing comes into its own… Once you are established, you can set up websites, you can send out emails, and generate sales as you wish.  That leaves loads of time to pursue whatever it is that makes your life worth living, which in my case is pastoring, playing and recording music, writing books and creating websites.


Next Steps…

Your next step is simple… enroll for FREE in my new affiliate marketing course.  That is all you need to do for starters, then get ready to learn and to start selling products and making money!